Bourbon Coffee

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At Bourbon, the core of our mission is in our coffee. Our name, “Bourbon Coffee,” originates from the Bourbon varietal of Arabica coffee beans, which has grown wild in Rwanda for over a century. Bourbon beans are known for their deep, buttery chocolate flavors, as well as their sweetness and very light fruit overtones. They yield well-balanced coffees and are less common than other types of coffee beans as Bourbon plants generally carry fewer coffee cherries per plant than other varieties.

Using sustainable, eco-friendly farming techniques, Rwanda’s coffee farmers cultivate this exceptional varietal collectively, pooling their resources to nurture and harvest the beans. All of our locations serve exclusively Direct Trade coffee from Rwanda’s five distinct growing regions.

Differing from the typical flavor profiles of African coffees, Rwandan coffee offers complex and unusual tastes that are unique to their regional origins. We highly recommend trying each of our exceptional coffees to find your perfect cup!


5 growing regions of rwanda

Region: NW Rwanda, Mountain Region
Elevation: 6200-7200 feet
Sweet and vibrant, coffees from this region thrive in the rich volcanic soils of the mountain gorillas' homeland. Look for a pecan nuttiness and a smooth, clover-honey finish. Virunga coffees make particularly excellent espresso.

Region: Western Rwanda, Lake Region
Elevation: 5900-6500 feet
Delicate and incredibly complex, Kivu coffees come from the 1600-meter hills in Western Rwanda near Lake Kivu. They are packed with hints of sweet orange and cocoa, with a subtle cherry-lime finish and rounded complexity that makes for a wonderfully approachable espresso or drip coffee.

Kizi Rift
Region: Central Rwanda, Rift Valley Region
Elevation: 6500-7200 feet
Nutty and mellow with jasmine aromatics, these coffees grow in Rwanda's Central Rift Valley. Look for nutmeg and roasted chestnut accents over a buttery caramel base. Accessible and inviting with nearly any brewing method.

Region: Eastern Rwanda, Lake Region
Elevation: 4600-5200 feet
Soft, earthy, and deep, these coffees come from the resort area of Lake Muhazi. Hints of bittersweet chocolate coupled with the spicy smoothness of strong black tea make Muhazi beans an amazing choice for drip coffee.

Region: Southeast Rwanda, Wildlife Region
Elevation: 4200-4900 feet
Coffees from Akagera are generally noted for their sharp tartness and clean finish. They are medium-bodied, with hints of blackberry, black tea, and cardamom, as well as peppery aromatics. Wonderful as a drip coffee or iced coffee.